All HIROSHIGE horological leather straps feature an original handwritten poem from Utagawa Hiroshige. The inscription, ‘さまざまに夜は更て行中の月’ or ‘the moon indulges into the night in various ways’, accompanies the art. From the magnificent moon to the blossoming bellflower, the artwork reflects Hiroshige’s poetic expression. Every glance of the wrist is a gentle reminder to appreciate nature’s beauty.



Each HIROSHIGE horological leather strap is a laborious work of art. The meticulously sculpted strap takes three times longer than its mass-manufactured counterparts, exemplifying dedication and respect for tradition.

It all starts with the selection of a nude undyed base leather. The antique script is then etched onto the leather, following which a base color is applied to the surface. The base color used for the HIROSHIGE '桔梗' Kikyō is a specially mixed dye, consisting of vibrant purples and calming blues. A special treatment is then carefully applied to crackle the leather, revealing its natural grain. Our signature Anticatura Patina technique is used to create an aged effect. As a final touch, a coating is applied to seal and protect the strap.

From the precise stitching to the flawless burnishing finish, each element of the Anticatura Patina reflects true artisanal craftsmanship. This unique patina takes on its own character, such that no two horological leather is the same. HIROSHIGE crafts raw materials into life, creating a unique and valued companion for your journey.