‘鷹’ Taka: Hawk

Crafted from supple leather with hand-applied anticatura patina, ‘鷹’ Taka sees different tones of brown similar to that of a hawk. With the strap design reminiscent of a Katana blade’s end, the stitches allow the engraved hawk to silently perch as it stalks its prey. ‘鷹’ Taka has the ability to complement any style with might and sophistication as it drapes comfortably around the wrist.


‘松’ Matsu: Pine

Engraved and inlaid with gold, the shine on the script blends with the rich evergreen hues of ‘松’ Matsu. In its evergreen foliage that stays vibrant throughout the seasons, ‘松’ Matsu resembles a pine tree’s unfaltering perseverance and longevity. Carrying the symbol of rebirth, ‘松’ Matsu embodies the trop of abundance of fortune - similar to that of the script. ‘松’ Matsu serves as a versatile companion to both classic and contemporary timepieces with yet, its timeless beauty.