Koshu Inden

Koshu Inden is a traditional craft of Yamanashi Prefecture, in which patterns are applied to deer leather with Urushi lacquer. Inden was originally created as a material for samurai armor. However, as the era of battles came to an end and there were not many orders for armor, so in the Edo period, they decided to do something else with this technique and began to make bags like this.

蒔絵 Maki-e

It is a form of Japanese lacquer painting where the design is sprinkled with gold or silver powder and has, for the longest time, been held in high recognition and renowned for its exquisite beauty and artistry.

Tamenuri Urushi

Urushi cures naturally through a process of oxidation and polymerization into a material with remarkable properties for a natural substance. Tamenuri is an ancient Japanese urushi application technique dating back to the Jomon Period (14,000 to 300 B.C.), and slowly perfected over time from craftsman to craftsman.

watch box maki-e
watch strap colouring