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HIROSHIGE is proud to introduce '三色 II' Sanshoku II, the tricolor-patina watch strap, which has our characteristic Hiroshige letters etched on hand-patinaed leather. Through anticatura technique, HIROSHIGE '三色 II' Sanshoku II showcases the timeless ocean blue, olive yellow, and vintage purple on each piece of calf leather. By combining creativity and innovation, HIROSHIGE expresses a tale of refined traditional hand-made leather straps designed for a category of connoisseurs in pursuit of emotion and sensation. As tender as a caress, HIROSHIGE expertly applies creative methods to '三色 II' Sanshoku II, producing pieces of highly personalized items and unparalleled beauty.

Deliveries start from October 2022


Standard: 115mm/75mm

Small: 105mm/70mm

Large: 130mm/80mm

Lug/Buckle widths: 20mm / 16mm

Upperside color: Sanshoku (Tricolor)

Underside color: Olive-green

Hand-dyed Patina

Engraved Hiroshige script (original poem)

Embossed logo on underside

Revised quick-release spring-bars at lugs end

Hand-made & hand-cut

Limited production and shall not be repeated

三色 [II]

Sanshoku II


Each piece of calf leather from Sanshoku II combines the timeless hues of vintage purple, midnight blue, and olive-yellow. Beautifully designed and made, with leather that has been hand-patinated with our signature Hiroshige lettering.

Hand-dying leather is a process used to create HIROSHIGE straps. It makes the completed product appear more visually antique and produces a wholly original patina aged impression by fusing 3 hues that highlight the classic shades of olive yellow, ocean blue, and vintage purple.


All HIROSHIGE straps are engraved with legendary Ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige’s original handwritten poem from an original artwork ca. 1840. The poem is loosely translated as: 'The moon indulges into the night in various ways.' 


Although the straps are priced affordably, they are not machine made, nor do we use pattern cutters. Each strap is hand-cut, and from hand-penciled stencils. It takes 3x longer for each artisan to hand-make and hand-patina HIROSHIGE Sanshoku II, takes three times longer. With mono-color patina straps, we choose a pre-dyed base leather closest to the color of the final product, and then add the desired shades for the patina.


In order to achieve the HIROSHIGE Sanshoku II look, we first begin with an undyed base leather. Next, a base hue is applied to the surface, followed by a coating to prevent unnecessary color bleeding when the tricolore is applied. The first shade to be applied is ocean blue, which is then dried. Next comes olive yellow, which is then dried; and finally lush vintage purple, then similarly dried. Each color is transitioned to the following shades with great care to achieve a smooth transition. Then, a second coating layer is added to guarantee color fastness and richness. The outlines of each shade are then deepened using the anticatura patina technique, which uses black for the ocean blue layer, dark orange for the olive yellow layer, and dark brown for the vintage purple layer. A final coating is placed to preserve the strap and colors once the strap and colors have dried.