HIROSHIGE is proud to introduce an evolution in our well received high-end horological leathers - the new ANDО̄ HYBRID SCAR in 20mm. The new horological leather leverages our renowned traditional urushi and anticatura patina techniques to create what is perhaps one of the most complex-to-build fine leather straps in the market today. Primarily designed for use with fine mechanical watches as Kurono, the inclusion of adaptors with our quick-release catch system allows for easy secondary use with the Apple Watch 44mm and Ultra.

The new ANDO HYBRID SCAR strap combines our INDEN:印傳 Urushi deer leather with our hand-patinaed anticatura calf leather, then stitched and bound together by hand to create an avant-garde design that is a first in horological leather design. The strap is hand-cut to our unique 'katana' shape and finished with a laser engraving of our iconic Hiroshige script.

The new ANDO HYBRID SCAR 継ぎ: DAIDAI-IRO 橙色 in orange is priced at JPY 26,000 (est US$174). Apple Watch adaptors are included without charge.

The strap is sized at 20mm at the lugs and 16mm at the buckle, and will fit most popular fine mechanical watches apart from Kurono - such as Rolex sports, Speedmasters and others.

Deliveries start from Mid-December 2023.


Design Story & Inspiration

ANDО̄ HYBRID SCAR 継ぎ 20MM for fine watches and Apple carries a distinctive engraving of an original handwritten poem by the esteemed Ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige. This was taken from an original artwork in our collection dating back to circa 1840.

This poem loosely translates to 'The moon indulges into the night in various ways', adding a touch of timeless artistry to the horological leather.

The ends of the strap are carefully hand-cut to resemble the shape of a katana blade’s end. This design narrates back to the INDEN which was once used for samurai armor, complementing its entirety. Not only is this a signature of HIROSHIGE, it’s iconic appearance also enhances the ease of inserting the strap securely into guides when fastening.

The Craft

Painstakingly crafted in Japan by a master artisan, the INDEN urushi leather harnesses the unique attributes of Japanese lacquer, gradually developing a glossy sheen and subtle patina over time. The process of creating and curing INDEN is exceptionally time-intensive, with only a limited quantity of sheets produced each year. The deer leather used in this process is sourced sustainably from certified local breeders in western Japan, and its availability is limited.

The Anticatura Patina segment of this horological leather emerges from supple calf leather that undergoes the Anticatura technique. This hand-dyeing process creates a unique patina effect which adds an extra layer of personality and finesse. The patina must be hand-applied and hand-rubbed to achieve the desired effect.

History of Inden

Koshu Inden is a traditional craft of Yamanashi Prefecture, in which patterns are applied to deer leather with Urushi lacquer. Inden was originally created as a material for armor. However, as the era of battles came to an end, the demand for armor declined. Eventually the Inden technique translated into crafts for useful goods for the nobility in the Edo period.

Made By A Certified Master Craftsman

The HIROSHIGE INDEN is crafted by a certified master craftsman at every step of its production. Originally created as a material for samurai armor, this technique transitioned into the realm of majestic crafts for the nobility as the era of battles ceased.

The application of Japanese urushi is a delicate art that demands precision and patience. It can only be produced in a controlled environment with considerations to the temperature and seasonal variations. Only five other ‘master’ level craftsmen exist today and can produce exceptional INDEN of impeccable quality.

No two straps will ever bear identical appearances. They will develop their own unique character and essence as it ages, building upon the initial patina.