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ANDO for Apple Watch

The INDEN portion of the strap is created by combining Japanese deer leather with hand-applied urushi lacquer. Popular during the Sengoku period (1467-1603) as part of samurai armour wear, this centuries-old technique is now applied to create what is perhaps one of the most unique Apple Watch straps today. Made by hand in Japan by a master artisan, the INDEN urushi leather features the unique properties of Japanese lacquer - becoming glossier and achieving a slight patina over time. It is extremely time-consuming to create and cure INDEN and only a limited number of sheets can be made each year. The deer leather is sustainably sourced from official local breeders in western Japan and is very limited.

The Anticatura Patina portion of the strap is created from supple calf leather that is hand-dyed using the anticatura patina technique, bringing an additional level of character and refinement to horological leather. Patina must be hand-applied and hand-rubbed to create the desired effect.

No two straps will ever look the same, and they will over time take on their own character and personality by building on the original patina as it ages.

Hiroshige Script & Katana Cut

ANDO for Apple Watch is engraved with legendary Ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige’s original handwritten poem from the original artwork ca. 1840 in our collection. The poem is loosely translated as: 'The moon indulges into the night in various ways.'

The ends of the strap are hand cut with a shape reminiscent of the ends of a katana blade. This not only provides an iconic look that is unmistakably Hiroshige, but allows for easier entry into strap guides when worn.

Hand-made Construction Complexity

ANDO for Apple Watch is evolved from our acclaimed SCAR 継ぎ:Tsugi for Kurono strap and aims to lend unique refinement to the Apple Watch via fine horological leathers. To achieve a contemporary meets Edo-period look, the original red hand-stitching is now in chic black, with the patinated calf in tangerine brown to match the color palette of the Apple Watch Ultra. A small yet significant difference that allows the strap to exude a more sophisticated feel. The complexity of making this strap puts production numbers at very limited levels, and will not be reintroduced after this production run.

Made By A Certified Master Craftsman

HIROSHIGE INDEN is made by a certified master craftsman from start to finish. It was originally created as a material for samurai armor, however as battles came to an end, the technique translated into fine crafts for nobility.

Because Japanese urushi is sensitive to temperature, humidity, and other seasonal factors, it requires many skills to apply evenly. Today, there are only five other 'master' level craftsmen in all of Japan that can create good INDEN.